Merging all outstanding PRs before Sept. 7th, 2020 - Migration

Hi All,

We are planning to migrate all the challenges (all languages) to a new schema defination that we have prepared and is available here.

This new schema is going to help us unify the development experience for all i18n efforts as well as simplify the new curriculum development work. We intend to do this migration tentatively on Sept. 7th, 2020.

Before this is implemented we would need to merge all outstanding PRs to the master branch. This would let us run a script that will reformat all the files to the updated version of the template.

I would need some help from @zhicheng, @S1ngS1ng and @miyaliu to consolidate all the outstanding action items on the PRs targeting the chinese language.

We want to address:

  1. Any merge conflicts.
  2. Review comments if any.

Thanks for your help

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Sure Mrugesh.

First thing to confirm, is this the list of all oustanding PRs?

Next, should we address all PRs w/ the latest schema (if any) before the merge?

Last but not least, any suggestions on how we should collaborate? Should we pick different PRs and work offline respectively, or would you consider it better that we collaborate overll Hangout (a.k.a. realtime)?


Thanks @S1ngS1ng

Yes, that list looks accurate.

Here is what you need to do:

  1. Resolve any merge conflicts with the PRs against the current master and the current template. The upcoming schema will be applied by us after 7th Sept. 2020.

    We will be using a script that will reformat the challenges to the updated version. There would be no further action needed from you.

  2. The PRs should have all outstanding review comments addressed.

  3. You would need to pay special attention to the infosec and quality assurance directories, which have been split and some of the PRs may be affected by this.

  4. Finally you do not need to merge the PR yourselves, just leave a approval. I and someone else from the team will take care of merging after we validate a build locally.

Let me know if this helps clarify the need.

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Thanks for the clarification.
During this week, I resolved the conflicts and addressed comments for PR #38494 and #38560. Both are ready to merge.
I’ll be working on some of the remaining PRs tomorrow, and hopefully on next Monday as well. I’ll ping you on GitHub.

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Update: all PRs are either updated or approved. Please lemme know in case of any questions/concerns. Thanks

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Thanks @S1ngS1ng

So far things look good. I have been landing the changes on master, and we will work out the bugs.

Unfortunately, We would need someone to make the changes that I had to revert a few days once again:

Apologies, and thanks for your help again.

Done. Here are the PRs:

Please lemme know in case of any questions/concerns.


这是要上线新课程的节奏吗?居然看懂了 :joy:

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