Chinese translation and Contributors meeting on 20th Sept, 2019

Hello contributors,

I had a fun time getting caught up with you all. Thanks a lot for staying up late and joining in. You all are amazing!

Minutes of the Contributors meeting on 2019-09-20T14:30:00Z:

  • @miyaliu introduced everyone and initiated the meeting.
  • @raisedadead discussed about i18n efforts for chinese translation by the community on the main repo.
  • @S1ngS1ng brought us up to speed with current state of codebase.
  • @raisedadead went over a brief overview of the current state of the main repo codebase development work.
  • We brainstormed on the approach for making the Chinese translation on the main repo upto good quality standards as already on
  • @quincylarson gave a overview of the plans of adding the chinese guide articles on the forum.

Further Course of action:

Translating Curriculum Challenges:

  • You as contributors can start making pull requests to the main repository.
  • The current plan is to check, verify and update the translations in the /curriculum/chinese directory on the main repo.
  • Make sure you take a look at the Contribution guidelines. We have recently integrated a quick way to launch a development instance of freeCodeCamp.
  • For the most part you should be able to take some translations from the current freeCodeCamp-one/learn repo, but please note that in the last 18 months the global community has made lots of updates to the curriculum, updating, removing and even adding challenges.
  • One very good example of the contribution is @zhicheng’s PR: #36686
  • We will have additional translation guidelines for you all very soon. This is being tracked in #36829

Translating freeCodeCamp UI:

  • In addition to the freeCodeCamp’s curriculum, we would also need to make translations for the User interface.
  • @raisedadead is going to get in the initial groundwork done for this on the main repository. This is being tracked in #36828
  • Once this feature has landed you are welcome to make pull requests to update the strings to the Chinese.

Going Live and user migration to

  • Once we have substantial changes updated to the main repository, the dev team will deploy a test version of the platform with the curriculum to the beta site.
  • After we have a good QA and acceptance testing done the beta site, we can go live on the main .org domain. Details on this will follow.
  • We would prepare a battle plan for migrating the current users on

Thanks and Happy Contributing.

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@raisedadead Thank you for these detailed notes and this summary of our current action items.




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看了个大概意思,这是说以后我可以在 刷中文题目了吗 :joy:

这波操作 666 啊!给大佬们递茶~~

是的,稍后我们会把中文课程合并到 :blush: